Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K
Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K
Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K
Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K
Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K

Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K

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SKU: SB-C600-K

The Technics SB-C600 features a new coaxial driver, thoroughly eliminating unnecessary vibrations in the cabinet, and advances their reputed Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture used in previous models.

Includes two speakers.


A bookshelf speaker system that provides smooth, emotion-rich, high-quality sound, the SB-C600 uses a 2-way coaxial speaker unit realizes clear sound image localization and full-scale sound stage.  The balanced driver mounting architecture thoroughly suppresses unnecessary vibrations for clear audio without distortion.

  • Enhanced spatial sound with advanced phase precision driver
  • High-resolution sound reproduction and a wide sound stage
  • Reproduces sound with a high signal-to-noise ratio, removing undesirable or unnecessary sounds
  • Woofer diaphragm has a shallow shape and smooth edge to reduce sound reflection
  • Balanced driver mounting architecture holds speaker units in place to eliminate vibration and noise

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Advanced Phase Precision Driver

To reproduce music with enhanced spatial sound expressivity requires that the wavefronts of sounds radiated from the speaker unit are all aligned regardless of the listening position. The concept of point sound source is one of the ideal approaches to achieve it.

To realize the point sound source reproduction, the coaxial configuration was adopted and then it was combined with the originally shaped Linear Phase Plug for aligning phases and the Smooth Flow Diaphragm formed with a shallow-shape diaphragm and smooth edge shape for minimum sound reflection. The result is a spherical wave with aligned wavefronts of radiated sounds.
The SB-C600’s 2-way coaxial speaker unit realizes clear sound image localization and smooth and emotion-rich, high-quality sound, while inheriting the concepts of point sound source and linear phase that Technics pursues relentlessly.

Linear Phase Plug

The originally shaped acoustic plug is positioned on the front side of the tweeter diaphragm and provides a high-resolution sound reproduction capability and a wide sound stage.

Smooth Flow Diaphragm

If the sound wave has irregularities on its sound transmitting surface, its wavefront becomes disturbed by the shapes of the irregularities, resulting in the degradation of frequency characteristics. High frequencies that have short wavelengths tend to be more susceptible to the degradation of sound characteristics. The woofer diaphragm in the coaxial speaker unit has a shallow shape and smooth edge to reduce sound reflection. The result is minimal disturbance of the wavefronts of sound waves radiated from the diaphragm to realize excellent frequency response and phase characteristics as well as wide directivity.

This configuration achieves a wide sound stage and smooth and rich mid- to high-frequency range.

Smooth Flow Port

A bass reflex port with an ordinary shape produces a large air current vortex that induces annoying high-frequency noise. Technics employed the airflow control method utilized for airplane wings and designed the cross-sectional shape of the port using flow analysis. The optimally designed port shape does not cause airflow disturbance at the opening and ensures high-quality bass reproduction with minimum noise and superb response.

Stationary Construction

It thoroughly removes undesirable or unnecessary sounds and reproduces only the necessary sounds with a high signal-to-noise ratio. The “Balanced Driver Mount Architecture” used in the grand class SB-G90M2 has been optimized for this model by making full use of CAE. In addition, the speaker mount baffle that holds the speaker units in place has been newly designed to strengthen the rigidity of the entire cabinet. The combination of these factors maximizes the advantages of the gravity center mount structure. The rigidity and shape of each part that makes up the coaxial speaker unit has been carefully studied to eliminate unnecessary vibration and noise.

Balanced Driver Mounting Architecture

To realize a calm and low-distortion sound, the SB-C600 employs a speaker mount baffle created by optimizing the low-resonance, high-rigidity design concept of the SB-G90M2 using CAE.
The originally shaped speaker mount baffle keeps the concentration of stress in check. The speaker mount baffle secures enough vent holes to ensure smooth flow of sounds radiated from the back sides of the speaker units and improve the response while maintaining low resonance and high rigidity. In addition, this structure reduces the vibrations of the entire enclosure and minimizes the effects on other equipment.


High Quality Parts

The network circuit uses an abundance of high-quality parts, such as polypropylene film capacitors, OFC wires and more. The speaker terminals are made of brass.

Speaker Technology

Dynamism and Quiescence

Technics speakers strive for accurate driver ‘movement’ and a ‘quiet’ cabinet design that eliminates unwanted vibrations and noise. By refining our legendary point sound source and linear phase design with both theory and real listening experience, we are pushing the boundaries of sound reproduction.

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