Network Audio Control Player - SU-R1

Network Audio Control Player - SU-R1

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The Technics SU-R1 Network Audio Control Player minimizes noise and achieves maximum silence, building on the digital source reproduction technology and knowhow accumulated over many years.

  • Digital Noise Isolation Architecture
  • Virtual Battery Operation
  • Technics Digital Link
  • Separated Analog/Digital Power Supply
  • High Quality Analog I/O Circuit
  • High Rigidity Metal Double Chassis

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Technics Digital Link (Original Digital Signal Transmission)

Some systems use a digital link between source component and pre-amplifier, keeping the digital signal pure as long as possible: Technics Digital Link goes further. It has eliminated the volume control function from the pre-amplifier, and instead transmits the volume control information, together with the audio signal, directly to the power amplifier in digital form. The power amp's jitter reduction circuit reduces any effect of jitter in signal transmission, then performs the volume control immediately before the PWM converter.

This new sound transmission interface, Technics Digital Link, supports audio signals and also eradicates inter-channel effects by transmitting the left and right channel signals separately.

Technics Digital Link has achieved an ideal amplifier configuration, minimizing any degradation between the pre-amplifier and the power amp, and resulting in superb stereo separation and reproduction of even the most subtle signals. The result is a more detailed and dynamic

Technics Music App for Smartphones

The Technics Music App enables you to select a music source and playback equipment, and create playlists easily and comfortably on the screen of a tablet or smartphone. The Music App screen displays the music stored on a connected DLNA-compatible server, content stored on the device running the App, and music files on connected USB memory devices, giving you integrated playback control. Used with the SE-R1 or SU-C700, the Technics Music App not only allows you to control the volume and playback operations, but also lets you adjust the Bass, Mid and Treble levels.


Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter

An oversampling digital filter, incorporating an original Technics algorithm, shifts digital noise to -160 dB or lower, thus moving any potential distortion far beyond hearing and leaving a rich, detailed sound.