Speaker - SB-R1E

Speaker - SB-R1E

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The SB-R1E Reference Class Speaker achieves a superlative level of sound reproduction, building on our linear-phase, point-sound-source concept.
  • Point Sound Source Speaker System
  • Ultra Wide Range Reproduction
  • Phase Precision Driver (Coaxial Flat 2-way Speaker Unit)
  • Low Distortion 16-cm Long Stroke Woofer
  • High Quality Network Circuit
  • High Rigidity Round Form Cabinet

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Phase Precision Driver (Flat Coaxial 2-Way Speaker Unit)

For faithful reproduction of mid-range and high-frequency sound, Technics has developed an all-new flat coaxial two-way drive. The flat mid-range diaphragm is of a sandwich construction, using lightweight, high-rigidity carbon cloth skins and aluminum honeycomb core. 

It maintains a perfect pistonic motion over a frequency band extending beyond the crossover point with the tweeter, while eliminating the frequency distortions caused by the ‘cavity effect’ in conventional cone diaphragms. The magnetic circuit employs a large magnet, copper cap, copper shorting ring and short voice coil with high-density edgewise winding to achieve high drive power and low distortion, while the speaker chassis is die-cast aluminum, with a resonance-dispersing structure to eliminate even the smallest unwanted vibration.

Point-Sound-Source Speaker System

For soundstage focus and precise imaging, the wave-fronts from a speaker’s drive units should ideally be aligned, arriving simultaneously at the listener’s ears regardless of the listening position. In other words, the speaker system should appear to have only one point sound source. 

The newly developed flat coaxial two-way speaker unit, combining midrange and treble drivers, works with a virtual coaxial woofer to realize a point sound source, providing smooth directional characteristics over the entire frequency range, without peaks or dips.

High Rigidity Entasis Form Cabinet

A 50-mm-thick baffle used in the cabinet supports the speaker units rigidly and suppresses undesirable resonances, while side panels comprising eight layers of MDF give the cabinet a curved form, suppressing unwanted vibration and reducing internal and external diffraction and reflection. 

An internal partition divides the cabinet into upper and lower sections, and eliminates low-order standing waves in the vertical direction. The choice of absorbent acoustic material and its position were optimized based on the frequency band of each drive-unit as well as the cabinet volume, thus further suppressing standing waves inside the cabinet, and even the rings round each drive unit are made of a material with high internal loss to eliminate unwanted emitting from anywhere other than the speaker sound diaphragm. 

The glossy finish on the cabinet is created through a series of processes including repeated coating, sanding, and polishing, the high degree of craftsmanship complementing the speakers’ high-quality sound. The finish even suppresses fine vibrations generated on the cabinet surface, thus contributing to the accuracy of the sound.

Ultra Wide Range Reproduction

Thanks to a carbon graphite
dome tweeter mounted at the center of the flat mid-range drive unit, the SB-R1 is capable of reproducing frequencies all the way up to 100 kHz. And with bass
extension down to 20 Hz, it’s ready to deliver the vast frequency spectrum offered by high-quality, high-resolution music sources.

Low Distortion 16-cm Long Stroke Woofer

Technics has developed a long-throw woofer capable of reproducing super-low frequencies with dramatically reduced distortion, giving powerful, dynamic and responsive bass. A push-pull edge (Symmetrical Surround Technology, SST) design cancels
secondary harmonic distortion in the low-frequency range.

High-quality Network Circuit

The High-quality Network
Circuit was created as a result of extensive designing and listening, in order to maximize the performance of each speaker unit and achieve a balanced sound. To prevent interference between the drive units and minimize the effect of vibration, separate network boards for woofer, mid-range and tweeter are optimally arranged inside the cabinet.