Network Audio Player - ST-C700

Network Audio Player - ST-C700

Sale price $1,099.99

Premium Class Audio Player - Effectively removes noise to deliver a pure listening experience.

  • Digital Noise Isolation Architecture
  • Virtual Battery Operation
  • Optimally Activated Circuit System
  • High Res Re-master
  • Ultra Low Distortion Oversampling Digital Filter
  • High Quality Analogue Circuit

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Just like the R1 series, the ST-C700 employs a jitter remover, a common mode filter for its LAN input, and a pulse transformer for its digital interface, thus improving the purity of its sound by blocking the entry of external noise.

Technics Music App for Smartphones

The Technics Music App enables you to select a music source and playback equipment, and create playlists easily and comfortably on the screen of a tablet or smartphone. The Music App screen displays the music stored on a connected DLNA-compatible server, content stored on the device running the App, and music files on connected USB memory devices, giving you integrated playback control. Used with the SE-R1 or SU-C700, the Technics Music App not only allows you to control the volume and playback operations, but also lets you adjust the Bass, Mid and Treble levels

Technics High Res Re-master converts an audio source to a high-resolution signal of up to 192 kHz/32 bits, pushing the effects of any digital noise beyond the audible band, and allowing natural and expressive sound, closer to the original music.