Our achievements remind us of our never-ending pursuit of the definitive sound.

Here, we are pleased to share some of our recent awards & accolades.

Product Awards

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Technics EAH-AZ60 Noise-Canceling True Wireless Earbuds Review

"Technics’ AZ60 earbuds pack useful features plus advanced ergonomics, and they’re extremely easy on the ears when listening to music."

-Al Griffin, Sound & Vision


Technics SL-100C is a Grand Bargain, Jan '23

"It’s a quiet, solid, high-torque performer, with good speed stability and low background noise...there are plenty of “copy cat” 1200s out there. With the SL-100C you can have the real deal for $1000. Ain't that grand?"

-Michael Fremer, The Tracking Angle


The Best Turntables | Buyers Guide Summer 2022

"...you’ll find that the [SL-]1500 is is one of the best “record players” (just add powered speakers) you can get."

-Part-time Audiophile


The Best Turntables | Buyers Guide Summer 2022

"...the new generation of Technics 1200s is a shock to the system—while still a direct-drive design, it now sounds fantastic courtesy of the new non-cogging motor and upgraded plinth."


2022 Golden Ear: Technics SU-R1000 Reference Class Integrated Amplifier - October 2022

"...it has one of the best-sounding digital amplifiers I’ve encountered and a very-good-sounding set of digital coax and optical inputs"

- Anthony Cordesman, The Absolute Sound

Sound & Vision

Technics SA-C600 Streaming CD Receiver Review

"A small, but technology and feature-rich all-in-one component that delivers large and impressive sound at a fraction of its expected price."

-Howard Kneller 

Part-time Audiophile

The Best Bookshelf Speakers | Buyers Guide 2023

"...the SB-C600s prove that you can have a great sound system and incredible flexibility for just a couple of grand."