2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Superior Sound for the Holiday Season and Beyond

Unique Gifts for Music and Podcast Lovers

Gifts to Tune in, and Tune Out

Premium Hi-Fi True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds EAH-AZ80

Our flagship True Wireless Earbud model, with epic, reference-quality high-resolution audio; advanced, industry-leading noise cancellation; and improved JustMyVoice™ technology to keep calls clear. Connects to 3 devices simultaneously.

True Wireless Noise Cancelling Over-Ear Headphones EAH-A800

Backed by Technics’ legendary sound quality, EAH-A800 headphones feature superior audio, exceptional over-the-ear comfort, and sparkling call clarity for home, work, and travel. Unleash a true high-fidelity sound experience in comfortable headphones.

True Wireless Noise Cancelling Earbuds II EAH-AZ40M2

Designed with Technics’ signature high-quality audio, True Wireless AZ40M2 earbuds feature rich, natural sound. Active Noise Cancelling lets you enjoy music or other content on the go with less outside noise. Connects to 3 devices simultaneously.

Best Gifts for a Superb Home Audio Experience

Home for the Holidays

Direct Drive Turntable SL-100C

Give the gift of discovering vinyl culture. This iconic Technics design features smooth, stable playback from a single-rotor coreless direct drive motor, for seamless listening all year round.

Bookshelf Speaker System SB-C600-K

All the holiday cheer in a compact package. This speaker set provides smooth, high-quality sound, rich with emotion. The powerful audio makes this a great choice for any room, but the compact design is perfect for small spaces, such as a bedroom or home office.

Network Audio Amplifier SU-GX70

The best gift for movie lovers and music lovers alike, this is the definitive living room audio center for seamless enjoyment of video, audio, and music—next-level integration of Technics’ full digital technologies.

Tech Gifts for the Audiophile

The Holidays in Hi-Res

Direct Drive Turntable SL-1000RE-S

An exquisite, luxury experience of music in its richest expression. This reference-class direct drive turntable system faithfully reproduces audio, rendering incredibly vivid sound.

Stereo Integrated Amplifier SU-R1000

Give the gift of next-level sound technology. This second generation of this full digital amplifier delivers highly pure sound free from noise and distortion and overflowing with energy.

Floor Standing Speaker SB-G90M2

Don’t just hear your music, but feel it. This speaker realizes superb sound image localization and rich, three-dimensional sound space.

Top Holiday Gifts for Aspiring DJs

Spinning into the New Year

DJ1200 Headphones

Made for the DJ in your life—these superb headphones have clear, detailed sound, a lightweight on-ear design with 270-degree swiveling mechanisms for free-style single-side monitoring, and more.

SL-1200MK7 Direct Drive Turntable

Gift them the iconic turntable that launched hip-hop culture, updated with up-to-the-minute Technics technologies, with the highest possible sound quality. Their ride-ranging DJ functions expand the possibilities of audio.